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Music:  I have been playing musical instruments since I was a boy; first the cello, then the guitar and other instruments. Alexander can help with the way you are when you play your instrument (or sing) and to get the sound you want.

Golf:  This has interested (and infuriated) me since my dad gave me some cut-down wooden-shafted clubs when I was growing up.  Nowadays when I play I am amazed what a difference the Alexander Technique makes to my game.  If you're a golfer I can help you discover this for yourself. Alexander can help with other sports too*

Yoga:   Does it sometimes feel like you are battling with yourself to practice yoga?  I find that Alexander thinking helps me practice yoga with more connection and less of a battle.

Taichi:  I have practiced taichi for 20 years or so, and have been lucky to work with Chen Xiaoxing, Bruce Fertman and others. There is a connection between Alexander Technique and taichichuan.  I can help you deepen your taichi practice through the expansive freedom that Alexander Technique gives you. 


Office work:  I've worked in offices and college environments in the past and know what can happen to our backs, necks and stress levels in these places.  Just using a moble phone can put us out of shape; Alexander really helps with all this*

Paragliding:  I had always wanted to fly, and when I saw people walking up a hill with big bags, opening them at the top, getting out a flying machine and taking to the air,  I set about learning to do the same. I realize now that the Alexander Technique is a great help when learning something new*

Walking:   It's great that these days more people are appreciating the value of mindfulness. The Alexander Technique is actually all about mindfulness: 'mindfulness in 3d'; mindfulness in movement; and interestingly it can immediately make a big change to how we walk: more freely, more happily.

Perhaps you're thinking the Alexander Technique seems to be good for everything and really, how can that be? I would be wondering the same thing.  But the reason for this is very simple - Alexander works with how you go about the things you do.  Everything you do can change with that approach.